[Tv] Patrick Stewart et sa décadence dans Blunt Talk

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Que se passe t-il quand on mélange Patrick Stewart et Seth Mc Farlane dans une version totalement décadente de The Newsroom? Et bien cela donne « Blunt Talk » et cette première bande annonce donne bien le ton. La série passera sur Starz aux Etats-unis et fera 10 épisodes pour sa première saison. J’ai hâte de voir ce newsroom décadent.


Set in Los Angeles, the story follows Walter Blunt, a British import intent on conquering the world of American cable news and the fallout from his well-intentioned, but mostly misguided decision-making, both on and off the air.Through the platform of his nightly cable news show, Blunt is on a mission to impart his wisdom and guidance on how Americans should live, think and behave. Besieged by network bosses, a dysfunctional news staff, numerous ex-wives and children of all ages, Blunt’s only support is the alcoholic manservant he transplanted from the U.K. to join him in Los Angeles. The series is greenlit for a two-season, 20-episode commitment.

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