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[Tutoriel] Construire le Proton Pack de Ghostbusters.

Dans Ghostbusters, le proton Pack est l’arme de choix des chasseurs de fantômes. Bien entendu, difficile de mettre la main sur des répliques d’époques venant du tournage. Du coup des fans du site GbFans se sont dit « pourquoi ne pas en faire un par nous même? ». Rien n’est impossible pour un fan de Ghostbusters et comme le montre les photos qui suivent si vous êtes patient et bricoleur, il n’est pas impossible pour vous de devenir un ghostbusters comme les autres. Le site GbFans donne une liste d’élèments nécessaire à la création de ce Proton Pack:

1-2) Gear Box/ Proton Pack (EDA/PPD “Primary Power Distributor”) – normally made of wood or multi-density fiberboard. The Power Cell – plastikote black primer/silicone
3) Gunmount (attaches to “motherboard” and particle thrower)
4) Power Cell – made of blue plexi , Power Cell Window – red plexi for the cyclotron and yellow for the particle thrower, Injector Tubes – circuit boards
5) Ion Arm – consist of parts such as – Dale Resistors (very hard to find, Gary Legris Bows (rare, found at surplus stores)
6) Spacer “the comma” (supposedly the hardest and most time consuming part to assemble) please refer to diagrams ; )
7) Cyclotron “cake pan” (this part contains the nuclear particle accelerator which is fed through Neutrona Filter) you will use blue LED for lighting
8)Proton Gun/Particle Thrower “gunbody” (made hallow for electronic access) there is only one type of pain based used by the pros and is found at PEP BOY called Plastikote gives a metallic like finish.
Lights that are best used come from Linrose Electronics Company and Radio Shack (see links for more info)
9) Sticker Decals – suggested having them printed out from rippedsheets.com on a self adhesive photo paper using a photo gloss resin perm
10) Green Tubing from clippard.com
last but not least…
11) Ghost Trap – need is a red pilot light from Linrose

Et quand on saupoudre le tout avec beaucoup de patiences, le résultat donne ceci:

ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-01 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-02 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-03 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-04 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-05 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-06 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-07 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-08 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-09 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-010 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-011 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-012 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-013 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-014 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-015 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-016 ghostbusters-proton-pack-gun-ghost-trap-017

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