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[News] The Suspect: le mix de Jason Bourne et Le fugitif version corée.

Le cinéma Coréen prend tous les risques pour mélanger les genres. Le résultat est parfois aussi déstabilisant que génial. Dernière exemple en date avec ce film sorte de croisement furieux entre jason Bourne et le fugitif.

Synopsis: Dong-chul was the best special field agent in North Korea, but he’s abandoned by his government during a mission. While on the run, he looks for his wife and child, who were sold as slaves to China, only to discover their corpses. He soon finds out that his colleague was behind the killing and defects to the South in search of his nemesis. He looks for him during the day, and works as a temp driver at night and as a personal driver for Chairman PARK. One night the chairman is attacked and killed by an assassin, but not before handing over a pair of glasses to Dong-chul. He is now on the run again, accused of the chairman’s murder by the intelligence service, while trying to uncover the secret contained inside the glasses. Little did he know that depending on who ultimately gains control of the secret, it could either become a national threat or treasure.

Est-ce que cela sera suffisant pour créer la surprise? Les quelques images de ce teaser fait en live sur le tournage laisse à penser qu’à défaut d’être novateur, le film sera rudement efficace en terme d’action. Enjoy!

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