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[News] Dwayne Johnson affrontera la mer en solo dans « Not without Hope »

Que l’on apprécie ou pas les choix de carrière de Dwayne Johnson, il faut bien reconnaître que ce dernier tente un peu tout, il prend des risques et perd aussi souvent qu’il gagne. Le dernier projet qu’il a en ligne de mire juste après « Seal Team 666 » abandonne définitivement le monde des blockbusters pour s’enfoncer dans un autre assez inattendue, celui du « survival ». Oui, le genre a la côte avec un film comme « Gravity » du coup voir d’autres acteurs s’engager dans la voie n’est pas totalement surprenant. Le film s’inspirera de l’histoire vraie de Nick Schuyler dans « Not Without hope » le livre racontant sa terrible aventure.

What began as a relaxing fishing party became a harrowing tale of death and survival against unfathomable odds. On Saturday February 28, 2009, 24-year-old Nick Schuyler and three football friends – Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, 26, Lions defensive end Corey Smith, 29, and Will Bleakley, 25, a teammate from the University of South Florida – sailed away from Tampa Bay for a day of fun in the Gulf of Mexico. But 35 miles off the coast of Florida, their 21-foot boat flipped, hurling the four athletes into the rough water. For more than 12 hours, the foursome gripped the boat as the temperature dropped to 60 degrees and the waves climbed to more than 10 feet. Donning the life jackets Bleakley bravely retrieved from inside the overturned craft, the friends passed the time swapping stories of loved ones and memories from the gridiron. Yet to Schulyer’s horror, he watched as one by one, Marquis then Corey, and finally his best friend Will succumbed to hypothermia brought on by the choppy seas and cold temperatures. As the hours lengthened, Schuyler held each man in his arms as they passed, powerless to save them. Alone, Schuyler tenaciously clung to the exposed propeller of the boat overnight until the Coast Guard miraculously discovered him 45 hours after he was tossed into the Gulf’s waters. Though he had been wearing thicker clothing than his friends-a hooded sweatshirt, ski cap, and pants that he’d donned after feeling seasick – Schulyer too suffered severe hypothermia and lacerations along his thighs and torso – and most tragically, the guilt of being the only man to survive. In « Not Without Hope », Schulyer shares the full story of the accident for the first time. Recounting the events that led up to the fateful day and the four lives that became inextricably intertwined, he relives those intense 45 traumatic hours and probes the psychological and physiological depths he endured to survive. In addition, he tells the remarkable tale of the search and rescue mission that saved him. An incredible tale of courage, grief, strength, and love, « Not Without Hope » is an unforgettable true story of one man’s incredible survival and a moving tribute to the friends he lost-and will never forget.

Minimaliste et casse gueule, l’idée même de voir « The Rock » lutter contre les éléments et froler la mort, mais surtout devoir mettre en avant son jeu d’acteurs plus que ses muscles a quelque chose d’intrigant. Le projet n’en est qu’à ses débuts et il y a fort à parier que le chemin vers la production est encore long à venir, mais voici à n’en pas douter un film à garder en vue du coin de l’œil.

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